Our Beginnings

Lee Starshine founded the USS Starfield in Fairfield, Iowa in 2013, and then moved to Wappingers Falls, NY in late 2014. She petitioned Starfleet Command to start a new ship in the Poughkeepsie area. Captain Starshine selected the name USS Henry Hudson in honor of the explorer who named the river that runs the entire length of the State of New York.


The ship was commissioned in Poughkeepsie NY on February 7, 2015.

About Us

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Starfleet Command

Starfleet Command is our fan club association. They provide structure and support.


The purpose of Starfleet Command is: 



What We Do

We enjoy Star Trek fandom, and we give back to our community through:

  • monthly meetings

  • charity work

  • knowledge of the Hudson River

  • attending science fiction conventions

  • playing Star Trek Attack Wing

  • adhering to the Articles of Federation as part of the non-profit Starfleet Command

  • respecting each other and honoring the principle of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (tolerance)


Our Photos


Heavy Ship of the Year

2019 - First Place

Website of the Year

2019 - Second Place

Communications of the Year

2019 - Second Place

Recruiting Unit of the Year

2019 - Third Place

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Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year - Recruit Scott Garrity

2019 - Third Place

Junior Officer of the Year - Commander Art Day

2019 - Third Place

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Our Leadership

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CAPT Lee S., Captain
CMDR Timothy S., 1st Officer
CMDR Debra V., Chief Operations
LT Krystina M., Chief Medical
CMDR Steve R., Chief Science
CMDR Ryan W., Chief Security
1st LT Nicholas J. Fleet Marines
LT John B, Chief Engineering
ENS Alex H., Chief Comm
LTCDR Claire V, Chief Search&Rescue
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