2016 Crew Awards for the USS Henry Hudson

Capt. Lee Starshine presents an award to LCJG Claire V.

By CAPT Lee Starshine

2016 was the first full calendar year of the USS Henry Hudson. As captain, I could not be prouder of our crew! Let’s look at our achievements from both a quantitative and qualitative point-of-view.

Quantitative: Metrics

New members: 19

Total members and member applicants on Dec 31, 2016: 42

Money Raised: $396

Money Spent: $422

Items acquired: 10′ x 10′ event tent; 6′ banner; business cards; 2 vehicle magnets; prizes, books and trading cards.

Qualitative: Members

Nothing would be happening without all our high-quality members. Quality is more difficult to measure than money and crew counts. Therefore, I subjectively give out Crew Awards each year. There is one objective award: Officer Achievement – Most Earned Points.

To be eligible a crew award, you need to have been a member of Starfleet Command for approximately 1 calendar year or more. A year gives you time to demonstrate your value to the club over time. Also, you need to show outstanding performance either in the short-term (such as dedicating an entire weekend to setting up props, staffing the table, and tearing down at ComiCon) or long-term (such as consistently bringing the bulk of refreshments at Game Night – or producing the newsletter – or writing quality articles frequently for the newsletter, etc.).

Not everyone gets an award, and this doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable or aren’t helping out. The awards will vary each year.

Ensign James (Jim) M. was given the Ambassador Award For Ongoing Promotion of the Ship. Jim is always promoting our club chapter among his friends. He also served as liaison for the Dragon’s Den.

LTJG Willie Y is captain of the Zhang Heng, a modified Toyota Prius decorated like a Star Trek shuttle. He won the Best Shuttle Pilot Award For Vehicular Support and Positive Attitude. Willie showed his vehicle at the Pine Bush UFO Fair and hosted a table for the USS Henry Hudson. Also, he brought the Zhang Heng to Hudson Valley ComiCon, Northeast Trek Con and various car shows. And he let me ride in it! Willie has a positive, can-do attitude; he is an expert on Trek and a seasoned Trekkie, and he gave a touching speech at our 50th Anniversary of Trek celebration in the summer. He also served on our Trek panel at Hudson Valley ComiCon.

Membership services on our ship is a game of herding cats. Our national club went through several Chief of Membership Services and there were extremely long delays in getting applications processed. LTJG Claire V. weathered the storm and was able to get everyone on board! She received the Controlling Crew Chaos Award For Managing Membership Services. She is always respectful and responsive.

LT Steven R. won the Curation of Collectibles Award For Sharing Collectibles. He spent Friday afternoon through Sunday night setting up, staffing, and tearing down our double table at Hudson Valley ComicCon. He thoughtfully selected pieces from his personal Star Trek collection. And he was willing to break open packages and risk damage (everything was fine). Steve also decorated the tree with his complete collection of Hallmark Star Trek Christmas Ornaments at our Holiday Party.

LTCDR Denes H. won an objective award: Officer Achievement – Most Earned Points. Officers in our club can earn points for participation, providing goods and services, and wearing certain attire that promotes Star Trek and our club. He edited and produced the newsletter for most of the year; attended events; hosted events at his house; volunteered at tables; organized; took charge of events; and was available to help out most of the time. Points lead to promotions.

LTCDR Denes H. also won the Subspace Dispatch Award For Expert Newsletter and Blog Editing. He handled the newsletter expertly from January through July, then took it over again in November.

Dolly was named Ship’s Mascot because she attends our events and acts as a canine ambassador for our club. She is Sara V.’s service dog. This was the first and possibly last year an award was given to a member of another species. (Don’t get any ideas about bringing alien life forms to Game Night.)

Good job, everyone!

Take on a project or do something outstanding, and you might get an award next year!

PS. We won several national awards, too!