22 Important Leadership Lessons in Star Trek – Article Series Intro

You may think this is your average list of what makes a good leader in Star Trek a good leader. You might be right, but you could also look at it from the view of a simple engineering specialist, i.e. me. Webster’s dictionary defines a leader as someone who rules, guides, or inspires others. Inspires. A few select members of the Star Trek universe have managed to encourage many fans, though not all are captains. A sea of fans have found the bright future of Star Trek inspirational because it’s optimistic view of the future is contrary to the general science fiction story. There was no dystopia. The bravery, adventure, and knowledge exhibited over the several series has shown this. This begins our series on 22 leadership lessons we find in Star Trek.

Our 22 leadership lessons are:

  1. Perspective

  2. Rules

  3. Procedures

  4. Responsibility

  5. History

  6. Passion

  1. Vulnerability

  2. Adventure

  3. Bravery

  4. Necessity

  5. Diversity

  6. Delegation

  7. Social Life

  8. Money

  9. Knowledge

  10. Causes

  11. Open-mindedness

  12. Logic

  13. Ideas

  14. Decisions

  15. Crew

  16. Consequences

In the articles to follow, we’ll discuss each important leadership lessons within Star Trek and how each has a place within the show and in real life. If you’re interested in joining in the conversation, feel free.

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