A MeetUp To Remember

We had a great meeting tonight at the Dragon’s Den in Poughkeepsie! There was great food, great trivia, and great fun.

One of the highlights of the evening was a superlatives contest with the security officers of the various ships. Here are the long-awaited results!

Most Trustworthy: Tuvok

Most Efficient: Odo

Most Frightening: Worf

Best Looking: Malcom Reed

Funniest: Worf

“Un”-funniest: Odo

Most Character Growth: Worf

Happiest: Chekov

Most Annoying: Tasha Yar

Most Likely to Follow Personal Demons, Even if Meaning Defection: Odo

Most Likely to Punch Their Captain, if Necessary: Worf

Most Likely to Die by Tar Alien: Tasha Yar!

We hope you’ll join us next month – the third Saturday of August – as we enjoy each other’s company and complete a similar superlatives contest with…. SCIENCE OFFICERS!


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