A MeetUp to Remember…

It was a packed house last Saturday at our second monthly Trek Fan Meetup. Meeting at the Dragon’s Den in Poughkeepsie, we had a great turnout of Trek fans who played trivia, voted on Trek superlatives, ate delicious snacks, and just sat around and talked about whatever interested us.

The great part about these MeetUps is that there are no fees associated to attendees: no cover charge, no required membership dues – it’s all just come-as-you-are, and leave-when-you’re-done. It seems that this is a popular type of meeting because although we talked a lot of Trek, we also happened to touch on the other summer blockbusters, comics, games, and just life in general. It felt like a truly Roddenberryan time, where different people came together to enjoy each others’ company and relax.

The Ship saw several people sign up for our emails, which is a great boon for us, because we want to make sure they know when we’re meeting again!

If you’re interested, feel free to join our MeetUp page, where you can post questions and be kept up-to-date on our future plans.