Attention: Please Stand By

Please Stand By film poster

Attention, Trekkers everywhere!  Please stand by for — Please Stand By, a new independent film starring Dakota Fanning as Wendy, a young autistic woman who just also happens to be a ‘Trekker.’  She especially feels a connection to Mr. Spock, who is often pulled in different directions by his human and Vulcan halves, and who sometimes has trouble reconciling the two. Wendy learns about a Star Trek writing contest, and comes up with a ‘Spock visits DS9 crossover,’ hoping to impress her sister Audrey (Alice Eve) as a responsible adult.  But when Audrey shoots down her idea, Wendy becomes bound and determined to submit her script, one way or another – even if it means leaving her group home and trekking to Los Angeles, to hand deliver it to Paramount all by herself! Along the way, Wendy finds allies, such as Sam (River Alexander), the son of Wendy’s caretaker Scottie (Toni Collette), who realizes the connection between Wendy and Spock.  There’s also a Los Angeles police officer (Patton Oswalt) who happens to speak fluent Klingon, and is surprised by the brilliance of Wendy’s script. Please Stand By opened on January 26, theatrically, on demand, and on Amazon Video and iTunes.