Away Mission Report – Hudson River Museum

The group from the USS Henry Hudson at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY overlooking the river and the Palisades.

On July 15, 2017, ten members, one guest, and one labradoodle met for lunch at Applebees to fuel up for a fun and educational trip to the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY. The mission  was organized by LT Deb V.

After lunch, we carpooled to the museum.  First, we watched the live planetarium show, “The Sky Tonight.”  We learned about the upcoming solar eclipse (August 21st) and observed the stars, constellations, and other phenomena visible that night.

The planetarium director surprised us with an opportunity to control the planetarium, with audio from Voyager’s bridge in the background.  We got to simulate approaching planets and leaving their orbits at high impulse, with varying degrees of success.

Our area on the model of the entire Hudson River and Valley. Located in the lower level.

Upon returning to Earth, we explored the rest of the museum, including a collection of paintings, a life size sculpture of a bookstore, and the adjacent Glenview House.  The rooms contained furniture and décor from the late 19th century, as well as an exquisitely detailed dollhouse tucked away in one of the rooms.

Some of us watched another planetarium show, “We are Aliens,” that discussed the possibilities of extra terrestrial life.  Finally, we explored a Hudson River model that informed through videos, interactive displays, and a topographic map of the river valley stretching from Manhattan to Poughkeepsie and beyond! The Best Parts: The paintings – LT Deb V. The planetarium – ENS Sara V. “The Sky Tonight” planetarium show – Scott “Driving to the planetarium, crashing into Pluto, and stopping just short of Mars – ENS Sarah V.H. The planetarium and the dollhouse – ENS Krystina M. The Glenview house, the planetarium, and the river model – ENS Rich K. The dollhouse and the river model – CAPT L. Starshine The dollhouse – LT Claire V. When we drove the planetarium; The fact that the museum was eclectic, so everyone could find something to like – Karen