Awesome New Location: Scott’s Community Room

Scott G. has been kind enough to host a Shipwide Assembly in his apartment building’s community room. More are planned at this location in the future.

Scott can book the community room for a $75 deposit. Amenities:

  1. restroom

  2. kitchenette with a sink, counter, & microwave (fridge may not be available)

  3. at least a dozen large round dining tables with chairs

  4. 8 or 10 large couches, most of which can seat 5

  5. lounge couch that seats 2

  6. large TV

  7. several large coffee tables

We held Vulcan Night at Scott’s facility on April 22. Rich set up a screen and projector for slideshows and videos. However, we discovered that the TV has HTMI input ports, so the projector should not be necessary next time.

Other residents of the apartment building can walk through. Technically, they could sit in; however, our business portion of the meetings will be less interesting than the entertainment afterwards. Scott said there are several Trekkies in residence who might join us, or join our club in the future.

The only real downside is security. No one can enter the building without authorization. Timothy, Chief Security Officer, took charge and handled the door. For 15 minutes before the start of the event, Timothy stood inside the door and let club members in. He missed a few minutes of dinner. Stragglers can call us to get in; however, best to arrive early or on time.

The location is in Beacon, directly off the I84. This is more convenient for our Westchester and Connecticut members. Orange and Ulster County members can take 9W or the I87 from New Paltz  – the Thruway should get you there in 20 minutes exactly.

Thank you Scott! We will send out emails on the morning of assemblies so you can see the location. The location varies – please read the email carefully each month.