Blog and Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Okay, maybe in this day and age, I should say “sharpen your keyboard” – but that wouldn’t make any sense! Seriously though, the Blog and Newsletter of the USS Henry Hudson need constant content to keep going, and that means articles written by you, our members! We want to publish at least three articles a month on our Blog, and the best and most relevant of them will get featured in our Newsletter. So why not take an evening and write a post for the Blog? Here are some ideas:

  1. Reviews are always awesome! Maybe you want to take an episode of The Original Series each month and review it, or The Animated Series, or TNG, DS9, VOY, or ENT. Maybe you want to work your way through the Movies. Maybe you want to review Trek novels, or comics, or games. Take the time to understand whatever you’re reviewing, and come from an interesting angle, and it will become must-read material for our group and beyond!

  2. Convention reports and reports on Ship activities are very welcome. Let our readers know about USS Henry Hudson activities, and what you like about them. We’d love to publish it!

  3. Interviews with Star Trek-related people can be a lot of fun. Do you know somebody who was on the writing staff, or the production? Someone who draws the comics or worked for a fanzine? A long-time fan, or a collector? Talk to them about their experiences, take some pictures, and write it up for us!

  4. Fan Fiction has always been a mainstay of Trekdom! We welcome stories featuring Star Trek characters, races, ships, and concepts that are PG or PG-13 rated, and explore themes of interest to Star Trek fans.

  5. Opinion pieces about Trek-related issues are very welcome, although be careful to remain respectful of people with whom you disagree, and make sure to ground your opinions in the relevant facts. Check out our Blog’s editorial policy (coming soon) and keep it in mind, then go to town!

  6. News from the Trek world in general is also fine, although we’re not about to compete with sites like or TrekCore. Still, we’d love for you to write up your own reports about Trek happenings in the wider world.

All of our pieces are edited, but we work with you to make your piece the best it can be, respecting your authorial voice and intent. Pieces for the Blog can be of any length, but we ask that you also provide a 300-word or fewer excerpt or summary that would work well in our Newsletter. Pieces that are 300 words or fewer do not require an excerpt or summary.

Members of the USS Henry Hudson get points for writing and submitting usable photos. Points lead to higher ranks.

Email our editor at with your ideas, and then start writing! The address is: