Captain’s Log July 2017

By CAPT Lee Starshine

July 1: Family Sci Fi Game Night at CAPT Starshine’s. Dragon’s Den is still not open. Due to potentially severe rain, we had only 4 members and no guests. We ate sumptuous hot dogs and hamburgers grilled by James McGeorge. Had to knock off early so the Captain could report to Sick Bay for a foot injury incurred during shore leave in Ohio.

July 15: Hudson River Museum Away Mission in Yonkers. Some members drove, and others took the train. Started with lunch at Appleby’s. At the museum, we went to 2 planetarium shows: The Sky Tonight and We are Aliens. The director of the planetarium let a couple of our members drive the galaxy! The museum visit included a Victorian house and doll house, special New York historical artwork, Hudson River Art, and a huge 3D reproduction of the Hudson River. Rich, Lee, Karen and Scott stopped at Untermyer Park and Gardens for a stroll in a 40-acre formal garden with statues, water, faux marble and a wedding chapel. 10 members, 1 guest – Sean H., who was on the dating panel at HV Comicon.

July 22: Shipwide Assembly at CAPT Starshine’s. Claire V. was promoted to Lieutenant. Discussed upcoming events, the Ultimate Comic Book and Trade Show booth, spending money on banners and business cards, and whether to buy Scott’s display cages. Dates of future Game Nights will depend on the location. Lee gave a complete report about the Dragon’s Den, which is still closed but might open soon. Rich appealed to the members to write for the blog/newsletter. BBQ, side dishes and s’mores. Reminded members that there is no Assembly in November, and no event in December except the Holiday Party. 11 members, 0 guests.

July 29: Get Pop Cultured Cosplay Event at Barnes & Noble. Janet R., guest Kyle Liam Keith, Ariel and Lee represented our club. While the costume lecture was on, we checked out the event area next to the cafe. The space is about 35′ long by 12′ wide — between the fence and the bookcases. It could probably seat 35 for tabletop gaming. The space could be a backup space for Game Night, if the Den falls through in the future. Barnes & Noble cannot give us Saturday nights, however.