Captain’s Log: USS Henry Hudson Ultimate Outdoor Games 2017

By CAPT Lee Starshine

On June 2nd, we found out the Dragon’s Den would not be open in time for Family Sci Fi Game Night. Lee, Scott and Timothy spent Saturday afternoon setting up at CAPT Starshine’s house.

We set up the grill, tables and chairs in the driveway. After BBQ’d hot dogs provided by the Vecchiollas, we split into two teams for the USS Henry Hudson Ultimate Outdoor Games 2017. Lee, Ed and Tim officiated.

Games included Klingon Shootout, UFO Frisbee toss, Photon Torpedo Target Practice (throwing a football through a hoop and into the swimming pool), and Phasor Target Practice (moving a plastic cup down a laundry line by shooting it with a water gun).

Team Qupla! prevailed against Team Schrodinger’s Cats and the final Horta Egg Race decided the competition. The prize was candy shaped like movie snacks. The candy looked realistic but had the texture of plastic!

After the games, we cooked s’moores in the garage fireplace. Some members stayed to play scrabble.

Best game night ever! Everyone agreed that we need more outdoor events.

Top: Team Qupla! Bottom: Team Schrodinger’s Cat


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