“Discovery” Starship Models Are Coming!

Proposed “Discovery” starship models in three possible scales

Attention model builders: At the recent Wonderfest model show in Kentucky, Round 2/Polar Lights announced and previewed their upcoming line of model kits based on “Star Trek: Discovery.” The initial release will be the Discovery itself, at 1/2500 scale, coming in at just under a foot long, and set for release early next year. (Exact date and price to be determined.) That’s the good news.

The ‘bad’ news is that Polar Lights isn’t quite sure where to go from there. The word is that the company is thinking about releasing two additional model spacecraft for 2019. It is possible that these could be 1/2500 scale versions of the Shenzou and the Enterprise as featured on “Discovery.” However, also under consideration are larger models at either 1/1400 or even 1/1000 scale, which would put the Discovery at a whopping 29.5 inches long!

Upcoming Klingon ‘movie cruiser’ prototype

What do you think? Personally, I wouldn’t mind springing for the ‘king size’ models, if they turned out to be reasonably affordable.

Also previewed was a new prototype of Polar’s eagerly awaited 1/350 scale Klingon K’t’inga movie battlecruiser. Check out the ship’s body armor detail, and the tiny spotlights!

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