February 2017 Captain’s Log

Captain’s log. Stardate: 47634.44

Feb 4: Family Sci Fi Game Night at the Dragon’s Den. New member Kaytlin won the door prize – ship blueprints donated by Deb. 16 members, 9 guests and it rocked! Deb & family brought almost all the snack food, and plenty of it.

Feb 19: Second Anniversary Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. 10 members, 2 guests (they joined). Extremely loud venue – we couldn’t get the back room. Michelle won first prize in a written trivia quiz with a perfect score. Top 4 scores got Trek magazines. Super fun socializing and excellent food.

Feb 25: Shipwide Assembly at Captain Starshine’s house. 9 members, 0 guests. Steve R made presentation of 2 new Star Trek books and hosted a logic problem – Lee and Claire got the problem right and won prizes. Planning for our ComicCon booth in May. Watched Star Trek YouTube shorts.