In the News: Game Night Recruiting and Fun

USS Henry Hudson crew members Alex and Krystina share some laughs at a recent game night.

USS Henry Hudson game nights usually get a large turnout of old and new faces.

USS Henry Hudson crewmember Alex Hasapis is featured in a Poughkeepsie Journal article about the resurgence of traditional “board” games. This is especially appropriate, since Alex was recruited as a valued member of our crew after attending the open game nights we host monthly. The article focuses on traditional games as a great way to get real face to face interaction with friends. As a ship in the Starfleet Command Star Trek fan club association, the USS Henry Hudson has been able to recruit many members via our open game night, which is listed on Meetup. Everyone is welcome to catch up with friends old and new, share some laughs and pizza, and of course play a variety of hands-on games. Congratulations to Alex on his contributions to the article, which you can read at