LT Ryan Wade Named Teacher of the Month!

By ENS Richard Kaelin

Mr. Ryan Wade receives plaque to commemorate being named Teacher of the Month by radio station Q92.1 (photo credit: Joe Daily’s Scrapbook)

As Star Trek fans we all embrace Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a great future for mankind. Great teachers will help build this great future. Our own USS Henry Hudson First Officer LT Ryan Wade has been honored for his efforts to this end by Radio Station WRNQ – Q92.1 – as their Teacher of the Month.

Ryan, a Music and Chorus teacher for Grades 6-8 at Haviland Middle School in Hyde Park, was named Q92’s Teacher of the Month after being nominated with an enthusiastic letter from one of his students, Lucy Curtis. Lucy described Mr. Wade’s dedication to enriching all of his students and declared, “Mr. Wade inspires me to love music!”

LT Wade was presented with a Teacher of the Month Plaque to commemorate the honor, and was also awarded an array of prizes for himself and his students. As a special nod to his love of SciFi, which contributes to the unique individual Ryan is, the station included tickets to the Ultimate Comic Book Trade Show and Expo in September.

Many congratulations to LT Ryan Wade on the occasion of this wonderful honor. We are all proud to know you. MajQa’!