March 2017 Captain’s Log

March 4: Family Sci Fi Game Night at the Dragon’s Den. 8 members, 11 guests. Jason and Ariel seemed to bring quite a few young people along. Several members, including Deb & family, brought snack food and tea cake. Rich brought Star Trek: Scene It and won the game.

March 25: Shipwide Assembly at Capt. Starshine’s. 18 members, 1 guest. Ferengi Night included Karen’s Augergine Stew that Quark made for the Grand Nagus Zak (weird, tasty). Karen gave the chapter a United Federation of Planets flag. Steve R presented several Ferengi items including a ship. Timothy S. received his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Jim McGeorge showed off two home-decorated TOS shirts. Planning for ComicCon in May. Lt Wade sent 3 videos from the Delta Quadrant announcing Enlisted ranking, Department Heads, and need for ComicCon volunteers. New heads were selected for most departments. Planning for our huge ComicCon booth in May includes running a store for the Dragon’s Den. Watched several short Ferengi videos. Special “Happy Birthday James T. Kirk” cake and video about Kirk’s leadership. Denes gave a presentation about “Ferengi” in Ethiopia – he was there recently on a mission and he was called “Ferengi” which means “traveling white foreigner”. New member applicant Rich Kaelin gave everyone a copy of the Rules of Acquisition that he prepared – cheapest binding possible.