May 2017 Captain’s Log

May 6-7: Hudson Valley ComicCon in Poughkeepsie. We had 3 booths: Steve R’s Star Trek meromelia, Quark’s Gaming Emporium, and professional portraits on a green screen with a choice of backgrounds. In return, we held a Star Trek Fandom panel that included a NASA employee. The free Dabo wheel with prizes from our closets was a huge draw. Detailed report is in our May newsletter. The club raised $314 for our purse, mostly from Rich’s portraits. 41 new email list subscribers. 4 new members. Quark’s was turned into a Dragon’s Den POP store on Sunday.

May 13: Family Sci Fi Game Night at the Dragon’s Den. The state released its seizure of the store just in time. 8 members, 5 guests. Munched on left-over chips from ComicCon and played tabletop games. Rich whipped us at Star Trek: Scene It again!

May 20: Away Mission to the Pine Bush UFO Fair. An afternoon of alien festivities, followed by dinner at Pure City. 9 members plus our mascot Dolly and Joyce Stanfield from the USS Mighty Mississippi.

May 27: Shipwide Assembly at LTCDR House’s house. May 27: Excellent food and good company. ENS Rich Kaelin will be taking over as Chief Communications Officer permanently when LTCMDR Denes House goes on sabbatical for 3 months in July. Review of Hudson Valley ComicCon successes and ideas for improvement. The Captain gave awards to all HV ComicCon volunteers for their heroic efforts. Scott G. gave a presentation about aphasia and showed “Babel,” a DS9 episode that features aphasia as a plot element. Upcoming events: Walkway Marathon volunteering June 11, considering carpool to Albany ComicCon June 4, TerrifiCon at Mohegan Saturday Aug 19 carpool, Leadership Game for Department Heads, Hudson River Museum – Deb is organizing. New member applicant Matt H. brought his brother Andrew, who is interested in joining. 12 members, 3 guests.

Commander’s Comments and Recommendations

The Captain gave all 18 ComicCon volunteers a unique award certificate and points toward promotions. Specifically, Karen, Sara, Steve, Joe, Lee, and Rich made a heroic effort all 3 days; Lee and Sara met twice before the event to plan the Den store, Quark’s and the Dabo Wheel; and Lee and Art programmed the Dabo Wheel in Java/GIF; Karen, the Vecchiollas, and Karen provided the bulk of the prizes. We would have lost money without Rich’s photo booth.