Meeting Recap: 2017-06-24

Five members and four guests made it to our June meeting. For any members who were unable to attend, there are several important changes and decisions below. If you do have any further questions, just ask!

There will be a change to the way we sign up new recruits; it will be expected that whomever brings a new person to the club will help them choose the department they place on their application. Rather than choosing a random assignment, please talk with Captain Starshine, LT Wade, or LT Claire Vecchiola to see where we need help the most. The new recruit may choose from that list of departments. This will greatly help the heads of the smaller departments get a larger group of people to draw volunteers from.

To alleviate any current shortfalls in smaller departments, please understand that you may be called upon to fill in for another department every so often, especially on large events. One of these events will be the Sunday, September 10thComic Trade Show and Expo, at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. They’ve concentrated the event on a single day this year, and secured a double booth for our club. This is an all-hands event; please sign up with your department head as soon as possible.

Finally, we will be holding viewing parties for the upcoming CBS show Star Trek: Discovery, at places and times to be determined. It is most likely that we will hold weekly or bi-monthly viewings to watch one or two episodes, along with a monthly marathon viewing session for those that were unable to do before. Either way, keep Sunday, September 24thopen – not only will this be our monthly meeting, but we will be enjoying a viewing party with all the fixin’s at that time!