Membership Report: August 1, 2017

Sara VanHauen passed her officer exams and was promoted to the rank of Ensign.

By LT. Claire V – As of the middle of summer, the USS Henry Hudson has 46 official members. There are 26 enlisted personnel and 20 officers. New member Janet R. has submitted the officer exams. We encourage all members who are interested in taking the officer exams!

I also had the honor of being promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant! I have worked hard in my department throughout the year to earn a new rank. Sara VH was also promoted to the officer rank of ensign. Congratulations on your hard work and good luck in your new position!

New Membership Report Featuring:  Recruit Janet R.

New recruit Janet R.

I’m an elementary teacher and a grad student in gifted and talented education. I grew up seeing bits and pieces of various Star Trek series on TV as my dad watched, but I was formally introduced to it when I was about nine or ten and happened upon the Voyager

episode Real Life. I was fascinated by the concept of creating a virtual life and the idea of artificial life being “too perfect,” and the scene when Belle dies actually made me cry! Years later, I happened upon an episode of TOS on television and was hooked on the series from that point on.

There are many things about Star Trek that resonate with me, but what strikes me most is Roddenberry’s ability to blend contemporary concerns with a vision of a better future. Unlike some other series, which depict future humanity as either a utopian ideal or an apocalyptic destructive force, Star Trek provides (what I hope will be) a more complex and realistic version of humanity as a species that is constantly growing, changing, and learning from mistakes, just as I teach my students to do.