Membership Report – September 1st, 2017

By Ensign Janet R.

As of September, the USS Henry Hudson has 49 members. There are 30 enlisted and 19 officers. We also had the pleasure of welcoming 3 new members into our club! We’re happy to see that our club has grown over the summer months.

New Crew Corner! By Lt. Claire V

New Members Matt and Tisa

The USS Henry Hudson is happy to welcome new members Tisa, Matt and Ed. Tisa grew up in a Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: The Animated Series fan family, went to her first convention at 10 years old, and eventually came to love all Trek  series including her favorite, which is  DS9. Matt was always a fan of TNG, but when they met they bonded over VOY, and now Trek is an important part of their household as well. Tisa enjoys reading Star Trek books as well. Matt is a devotee of Sisko and all things the ‘Defiant’.

Ed has been attending game nights for the past several months and decided to join the club. He enjoys watching Star Trek: VOY and Star Trek: TNG. Ed is a math teacher and works with Lt. Claire V and Ens. Krystina M.