More New “Star Trek” Series? It Could Happen!

If you’re one of those rabid ‘Trekkers’ who yearn for still more “Star Trek” in some shape or form, well…your wishes might just be about to come true!  CBS has just announced that their deal with Alex Kurtzman, “Star Trek: Discovery”‘s new executive producer, calls for a five-year broadcast expansion of the “Trek” franchise through 2023.

The CBS announcement did not detail any of the proposed new “Star Trek” properties.  However, numerous trade papers, such as ‘Variety’ and ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ have issued similar reports about several potential projects, including:

  1. A Starfleet Academy series from creators Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.

  2. A limited series based around the “Wrath of Khan” storyline.

  3. A series featuring Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

  4. A limited series – plot details TBA.

  5. An animated series – plot details TBA.

Let the speculation begin!  And I’ll put it to the crew — which would you rather see first?