Report from Continuing Voyage Con

Mudd and Mudd’s Women

Some snapshots from our visit to Continuing Voyage Con

Continuing Voyage Con from Creation Entertainment happened Sept 29th to Oct 1st in Parsippany, NJ. Seven members of USS Henry Hudson attended the con, as well as cutie Dolly. I carpooled with Joe Shields on the ride down and met up with Deb, Sara V, Claire, Krystina, and Mini. Karaoke Friday night was absolutely awesome. John Billingsley had most of the crown dancing. We almost got Robert Picardo to sing “Baby Got Back”. Tim Russ does an amazing “Unchain My Heart”. Krystina, Claire, Joe, and I sang “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, because why not.

Saturday, we all showed up to breakfast ready to go in our cosplay: Harry Mudd (Joe) and Mudd’s Women. Alice #77 – Krystina, Evie – me, Ruth – Claire, and Magda – Mini. We even made it to the semi-finals of the costume contest. While it would have been fun to be in the top three, those that made the top definitely deserved it, especially wedding Riker and Troi and Mirror Kirk. We wandered into the signing room later, Denise Crosby loved our group cosplay, but was surprised when we told her it was our first time as a group. She assumed we’d been doing it forever. Picardo turned up during Frake’s panel just to start singing. The video I have is just the sweetest. Turns out I can speak to every other actor on the floor, even Karl Urban, no problem, but I can’t speak to Jonathan Frakes. Still can’t get my brain to function, but it must’ve worked well enough to ask both him and Marina Sirtis to sign my copy of Imzadi.

The panel for The Next Generation 30th Anniversary that night was a lot of fun as well. A few of us asked questions, mine being “What exactly is the origin of the Riker sit?” It seems, Jonathan Frakes thought he’d only sat that way over a couple chairs in the series until someone created a YouTube video and shocked even him.