Revisiting the USS Enterprise: Star Trek Set Tour Reopens for Summer Season 2017

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is again open for business.  A special sneak preview was held in April. I had the pleasure of greeting uberfan/Elvis impersonator James Cawley and his crack team of volunteers, who have upgraded their brainchild with even more dazzling sights. Sickbay now has four full walls, Engineering is getting new power units, the Bridge will soon have new stations, and even the Jeffries Tube is getting an upgrade!

A new gift shop/display area is being built in the studio lobby.  Star Trek fans can now literally walk around the original USS Enterprise sets. They are laid out the same as the Desilu Studio Stage 9 fifty years ago.  For any Trekker, it’s a definite must-see!

The Star Trek Set Tour is located in beautiful downtown Ticonderoga. This is roughly a 3.5-hour drive to upstate New York from lower Dutchess County.  Tours are now scheduled daily (except Mondays) from May 2 through July 30.  For details and tickets, please visit their website at

The Trekonderoga Star Trek Convention will be held at this location August 25-27. See the Trekondergoa website for details.

Photo descriptions:

Top left: In the Briefing Room

Top right: At the Captain’s desk

Bottom left: On the Bridge

Bottom right: The Engineering set