Sci Fi Scavenger Hunt List

Note: this list was for the Sci Fi Scavenger Hunt in November 2016 at the Dragon’s Den.

Hudson Valley residents: Find as many items as you can.Take a selfie with the item (or a photo of you and the item taken by anyone on any date. No modified or Photoshopped images). Please do not bring in an item unless it is marked “in person only.”

Please print this list or use this Google Doc. Mark the items you found. We will use your list while judging your submissions.

Item – Take a Selfie With Each Item – 1 item per picture-Points for a Selfie

>sci fi themed candy you got on Halloween-5pts

>a book by Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, or Ursula K. Le Guin-5pts

>your favorite sci fi book-5pts

>vehicle with sci fi decal or sticker-10pts

>sci fi trading card that is no longer in print-10pts

>sci fi stuffed toy-10pts

>any sci fi themed phone case-10pts

>button with a quote from a sci fi movie or TV show-10pts

>autograph of any sci fi author or actor-10pts

>comic book rack-10pts

>5 game consoles in one place-10pts

>sci fi action figure-10pts

>anyone in a sci fi Halloween costume-15pts

>sci fi movie poster on display at a commercial theater-15pts

>one of Henry Hudson’s ships-15pts

>group picture of people in red, blue and yellow Trek shirts-15pts

>an estuary (with a tide and that flows in 2 directions)-15pts

>an integrated circuit-15pts

>sci fi pillow or pillow case-15pts

>any sci fi weapon-15pts

>person unintentionally wearing a Star Trek Next Gen uniform (black shoulders, another color below)-20pts

>any version of the Tardis-20pts

>drinking something you purchased at Tea Talk-20pts

>any ship named “Enterprise”-20pts

>a street sign with any sci fi-type name or character name-25pts

>walkway over the hudson-40pts

>the full-sized TRON motorcycle-40pts

>the first long-distance communication device-40pts

Item (bring in person Nov 5 at 6 PM at the Dragon’s Den) – Points for bringing in person

>wear a sci fi themed tattoo, permanent or temporary-25pts

>bring a person with the same name as any character in Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica-50pts (1-1)

>bring a guest who has never been to the Dragon’s Den before-50pts (1-1)

Scavenger Hunt Judging Event will be held Saturday November 5th at 6 PM at the Dragon’s Den in the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall, Poughkeepsie NY. Have some pizza, drinks and cupcakes, and play games during the judging. Do not submit your items via email, facebook, text, chat, etc. Your camera, phone or printed pictures will be necessary during the judging. You must show a photo of yourself with the actual item – photos of photos and “photoshopping” yourself in the picture do not count. You must give the organizers sufficient time to judge your entries and be available to show the selfies if necessary. There is no fee to enter. (1-1) means only one person can be awarded points for the in-person item.

You need to fill in an entry form at the event or provide a list with your items checked. When the winners are announced, you must be present to win. These with the most points will have first choice of the prizes. The exact time of the prize awards will depend on the number of entries.

Prizes will include: USS Enterprise B 17” completed model; Star Trek bust; superhero graphic novels; board games; card games; Trek trading card set; die cast starships and cars; sci fi posters; wooden games; light saber; autographed books; paperbacks, etc.

Donations to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief will be accepted at this event.