Seventh Spoonhead Squadron, Episode 1

“Encounter near Q’onos”

Note: The following is a dramatization of a battle round in the Star Trek Attack Wing tabletop game, played by LTJG Joe Shields IV on January 7, 2017, at the Dragon’s Den. It was part of the Organized Play event, “Klingon Civil War: Attack on Gowron.” Episode 2 will be posted here in our Blog next week! If you’d like to play Attack Wing, come down to the Den on the first Saturday of the month at 2:00 p.m. We will have sample ships for you to use, and will be happy to teach you the game before you have to buy anything.

The Klingon-Cardassian war did not go well for us. Central Command suffered heavy losses from Chancellor Gowron’s unprovoked surprise attack. They have cloaking devices and stronger weapons, and we suffered more losses in the months following.

But we are better organized and more disciplined, and the Klingon Empire paid a high price for their victories; my Seventh Order made sure of that. We gave better than we got, and by the end of the war I was leading a fleet of anti-Klingon specialists.

Now that the Klingon Empire has fallen into civil war, opportunities for revenge are ripe for the picking. Recently I learned Gowron had fled Q’onos, and I launched a strike mission deep into Klingon territory to intercept his ship.

When we dropped from warp sensors picked up three ships, all changing course toward us. We closed with them in formation. The first ship was a Federation Excelsior class, which was puzzling enough. Backing it up, however, was the real mystery. The other two ships were large, biological constructs producing far more power than anything that size should be capable of.

We were carrying a new prototype technology called Emergency Force Field, but it failed as we entered weapons range, and we were left with our standard shields. All six ships opened fire at long range. We hit them hard, dropping the shields on the lead bioship to 60%. They hit harder, and our middle ship was left with 25% shields.

That ship lost its shields and took hull damage at medium range, in the second volley. Even hitting with all ships, we were unable to penetrate the shields of our target. Our engineers had re-initialized the emergency force fields by this point, but that only helped our ships which still had shields.

I had been saving our heaviest strike for close range, but that was an error. The enemy fired first, and the middle of my formation collapsed. I was stunned to see a mighty Galor class destroyer break apart after only three volleys. She was lost with all hands.

The enemy had problems of their own. While we held formation despite the loss of our center ship, the Excelsior class was busy trying to avoid a collision with the lead bioship. Frustrated with the strength of the bioship’s shields, we locked onto the smaller cruiser and fired while they were too busy to evade. We hit with all weapons and dropped their shields in a single salvo!

Increasing speed, we flew our formation through the enemy force. As we energized our aft weapons arrays, they made hard maneuvers trying to keep us in their forward arc. Again we took some hard hits from their bioships, but the emergency force fields held strong. Their cruiser was not so lucky. With its shields down, our aft weapons obliterated it. It was not worth the price of my Galor class however, and this small victory felt hollow.

The bioships pursued us for a time, but we were unable to penetrate their shields, and they could no longer penetrate ours. Eventually they broke off, and we went to warp to regroup with the rest of the fleet.

I don’t know who that enemy was, but I was in Klingon space to bring down vengence upon Gowron for the damage he caused my people. He was still out there, and I meant to find him.

Gul Garluk Commander, Seventh Order, Cardassian Guard