Seventh Spoonhead Squadron – Episode 2

“Attack on Gowron”

We had missed Gowron when he fled Q’onos, but I received information about his return a few days later. This time it came from the Obsidian Order. This time I knew it was good.

Again I selected three Galor class destroyers as a small strike team. I brought the Trager and the Aldara, survivors of the first mission, and added the rugged Reklar as the new vanguard. The engineers had the emergency force fields running stable, and we embarked in good spirits.

We found our targets and dropped out of warp at long distance. Again there were three ships, and again one of them was a Federation model- this time an Intrepid class science vessel. The second ship was a Klingon Vor’cha class battlecruiser, as one would expect, but the third ship was a replica of an antique Vulcan cruiser from the days before the Federation was founded. Times must have been desperate for Gowron to be using museum ships and alien science vessels as his security detail!

We made for our target at cruising speed in wall formation. Surprisingly the Intrepid class proved to be Gowron’s attack dog, and came at us at full speed. The other two ships made for a small planetoid, and the battlecruiser cloaked before the other disappeared behind the huge rock. Gowron had split his forces in a flanking attempt, just as I hoped he would.

We exchanged a volley with the Intrepid class as we entered long range. The Aldara’s shield took some damage, but the emergency force field bounced it back to full power. Her captain, Gul Jasad, coordinated a concentrated attack which increased our combined firepower by over 40%. The Intrepid class’s shields failed under our onslaught as we entered medium range.

The Intrepid class fought valiantly, but her weapons could not penetrate our emergency force fields. Again she fired, again our shields were reduced, and again they bounced back. We could not repeat Gul Jasad’s attack, but the combined firepower of three Galor class destroyers is effective enough. The science vessel took heavy damage, and started venting plasma and atmosphere through gaping holes in her hull.

She went to full impulse at that point, passing us before the third volley to get out of our forward firing arc. I am under no illusion that our destroyers can maneuver like an Intrepid class, so we maintained speed and formation and let her pass. The Reklar’s aft array shattered her hull like an empty bottle of yamok sauce, and we continued on.

The Vulcan ship appeared on aft sensors coming around the planetoid behind us, well out of weapons range. Its presence almost masked the trace neutrino signature, which was much closer and gaining fast.

The neutrino blip entered weapons range just as the Reklar recharged her aft weapons array, and we opened fire. A Vor’cha appeared, unleashing its fierce forward disruptor cannon at the Trager. She only appeared for a moment, and was gone again through some skillful trick of her cloaking officer- but it was long enough for us to see that she had been hit hard with her shields down. We had nearly cut the ship in two at her narrow neck.

The Trager’s shields were at 50%, but already recharging when we fired again. One moment there was empty space behind us; the next moment there was an incredible fireball of orange and red as the battlecruiser exploded. In the distance, the Vulcan ship warped out. I am told Gowron was on the Vor’cha, but we did not recover his body. I will postpone celebrating for now.

Gul Garluk Commander, Seventh Order, Cardassian Guard