Shatner Weekend Wows “Trek” Set Tour

James Cawley and William Shatner together on the Bridge

Greetings, fellow Starfleet crew members!  Steve Robinson here, Science Officer aboard the USS Henry Hudson.  The “Star Trek Set Tour” ‘Shatner Weekend’ has come and gone…and we have survived the onslaught!  We were expecting a large crowd for that two-day event, and we got it – some 1,500 people all told, possibly the most the Set Tour has hosted at a single time!  And at times, it most certainly was crowded!

William Shatner meeting fans and signing autographs on the Bridge

I’m proud to say that the USS Henry Hudson was well represented — Denes House, Joe Shields, Dr. Willie Yee and myself. Willie and I were among the many volunteers who worked the event, while Denes and Joe helped provide press coverage for, and they both did excellent work!  As press members, they were able to get much closer to Shatner then either Willie or I could.  We volunteers were scattered throughout the stage, helping to control the crowd and protect the sets.  Willie helped guard the main corridor while I was one of three people stationed in Engineering.  There were times when even that big room was packed to standing room only!

Denes House interviews James Cawley for

At various times, the Set Tour has previously hosted all the surviving members of Star Trek‘s original cast.  But it wasn’t until early May that everything worked out to bring William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk himself, to Ticonderoga, and aboard the ‘Starship Enterprise’ recreation.  Happily, Mr. Shatner arrived in good spirits, and he seemed genuinely impressed with the set itself.  Our visitors, many of whom were in costume, also seemed to have a good time as well.  Overall, it was a fun two days, and “a bucket list moment” for the Set Tour’s head honcho, James Cawley.  “We have only seen that on television, so to see him there for real is an amazing moment.  There are no word

The “Star Trek” Original Series Set Tour is located at 112 Montcalm Street in Ticonderoga in upper New York State.  Tours currently run daily except Mondays throughout the summer.  For tour and ticket information, call (518) 369-9967 or visit

(LTCDR Steven Robinson, LTCDR Denes House, LT Joseph Shields, LTJG Willie Yee) (USS Henry Hudson — NCC-1611)

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