Star Trek Quick-Change Artists

Remember the 1960’s Batman TV show starring Adam West? Batman and Robin slide down the batpoles. Then the pair lands in the Batcave fully outfitted in tights, masks and capes.


Fast forward to 2263 in the Star Trek Ambrasverse inStar Trek Beyond. The entire crew of the USS Enterprise rushes to the escape pods. They land, only to be rounded up by Krall’s henchmen. We see a line of dejected crewmembers in red, yellow and blue duty uniforms.

The last three to eject in escape pods are Kirk, Chekov and Kalara. After a rough landing, they step out of the tight capsules.

They are fully dressed in blue survival uniforms.

How did they perform this quick uniform change?

Theory: The uniforms were inside the escape pods. If so, how did they change in that tiny space? And how were there enough uniforms in each escape pod for a perfect fit?

Theory: The blue uniforms were somehow spray painted on. This must have happened after the duty uniforms were dissolved using a special clothing dissolution chemical that doesn’t harm the skin. Or maybe the duty uniforms were left on underneath. Must have been hot in all those layers.

Theory: Bat pole. See first paragraph.

How did these three know they were not going to be captured?

Did you notice that none of the crew members Krall rounded up were wearing survival uniforms? They ejected in the same type of escape pods, but not one had the wherewithal to switch into a survival uniform in flight. Crash landing on a barren, alien planet. With a crazy man on it. If I were doing that, wardrobe would weigh heavily on my mind. Which uniform would give me the best chance of surviving for several weeks here with nothing? A survival uniform, obviously!