Star Trek Set Tour — Captain’s Weekend

William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk, on the Bridge

During the weekend of December 7 and 8, it was my pleasure to volunteer at the Star Trek Set Tour in upstate Ticonderoga, New York. The occasion was the ‘Captain’s Weekend,’ featuring a return visit from Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, along with the chance to meet Anson Mount, the new Captain Christopher Pike on Star Trek: Discovery. Both men were late arrivals, but they were both also very congenial. Shatner treated his fans to autographs, photo ops, and ‘inspection tours’ of the Set Tour’s key attraction – a full-sized, detailed replica of the Desilu Star Trek soundstage, at it was some fifty years ago.

Chris Hunter, son of Jeff Hunter (the original Captain Pike), poses with the Set Tour’s latest creation — a replica of the helm/transporter console as it appeared in the 1964 pilot, “The Cage,”

Shatner regaled his guests with several ‘behind the scenes’ stories about his fellow original cast members’ And after hours, Bill treated guests and staff alike to a beer and pizza party at a nearby pub, signing more autographs, giving out copies of his CD, and even pouring shots of a new ‘James T. Kirk’ bourbon!

Anson Mount, Captain Christopher Pike, on the Bridge

Mr. Mount was also up to the task, posing for pictures with the Tour’s newest showpiece – a replica of the original helm console, as seen in “The Cage,” the first pilot episode for the series. Both celebrities also entertained their fans with a private question-and-answer session on the Bridge, and both gave stage shows at the local high school.

It gets COLD in Ticonderoga during the winter season, but not even temperatures in the teens and twenties stopped our crowd from enjoying the pleasure of the Captain’s company. Mr. Shatner and Mr. Mount, on behalf of the Set Tour, we thank you both for a delightful Star Trek weekend!

LTCDR Steven Robinson, the author, on the Bridge

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