Star Trek Set Tour’s Ultimate Insider Weekend

James Cawley cuts the ribbon to open the summer season of Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tours. The Okudas are on the left. The others are Ticonderoga local officials and Set Tour crew.

The second Star Trek convention I went to was in New Jersey in 2008, back when Patrick Stewart was doing Macbeth in Brooklyn. At the end of the con, the MC asked for suggestions from the audience of who they would like to see at future cons. My suggestion was that I wanted to see the Okudas, and others who were not actors. Those who created the shows.

Nine years later, and Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour scheduled Michael and Denise Okuda, along with Doug Drexler, for a weekend at the Set Tour.  Those with special tickets could go on a tour of the set conducted by them. USS Henry Hudson member Steven Robinson was also there for this exciting event.

As a long time crew member of Star Trek Phase II/New Voyages, I spent the weekend doing my job as Health and Safety Coordinator, but had time to lead one tour myself, and tag along for one of the Okuda/Drexler tours. What a blast! We got to hear many stories and share Doug Drexler’s enthusiasm. He was like a 6 year-old kid in a toy store the whole time. During a break I got to give Doug and the Okudas a tour of the Prius-class shuttlecraft Zhang Heng, which they were all excited about. These guys are as Trekkie as anyone can get.

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