Starfleet Academy Experience: The Away Mission Stardate 201803.24

Joe, Sara, Karen, Claire, Steve, Krystina, Deb, Alex, Scott, Sara, and Lee

March 24th marked the second visit for the USS Henry Hudson to the Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience. This year’s trip took 12 of us to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey. Lee drove her new shuttle craft full of crew members: Alex, Karen, Scott, Steve, Joe, and Sara. We met up with Deb, Sara, Claire, Ed, and Krystina at the museum. Willie Yee was there as well, but working as a volunteer, in full Vulcan delegation uniform.

The trip this year was easier to get through and around to each piece of exhibit due to arriving early and having more time without a crowd. Many of us were surprised to be placed in our current departments by the end of the experience. Joe saved 200 people on the Kobayashi Maru and is still the reigning champion. Ed received full points in the security target practice of 50 out of 50 in two minutes. I personally found new ideas for cosplay while wandering around and viewing the original costumes were on display. After a lunch break, we explored a bit more before meeting back up for the planetarium show.

If you look carefully at Deb and Karen, both are wearing our new official USS Henry Hudson gear. This would be our first away mission having our own uniforms, thank you Joe. They turned out great!

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