Taking the Conn

By Lt.Cdr. House

With RCT John Bacas taking over the reins of HYPERCHANNEL, our USS Henry Hudson newsletter, I am happy to accept Capt. Starshine’s offer to manage our Club blog! What can you expect in the months to come from our blog?

This format gives us the opportunity to run longer pieces than in the newsletter, and pieces that hit on big issues earlier than the newsletter can. Expect articles written by Club members about topics of interest to them, with fewer space restrictions. The best blog articles will likely appear in edited form in the newsletter, as well.

The other benefit a blog offers is the chance to share the articles across social media platforms. So expect to see our blog posts on the International Fan Club page, and on Star Trek-related Facebook pages, and in many other locations around the interwebs.

It’s an exciting thing! So if you’re a USS Henry Hudson NCC-1611 Star Trek Fan Club member, start writing! And submit your posts to me for inclusion on the blog. I’ll do my best to turn them around in a timely manner.

All the best to you!


Lt.Cdr. House