The New #1s!

Every fleet relies on its ships, and every ship needs internal communications to keep her crew informed. Thanks to the tireless efforts of LTJG Denes H., Chief Communications Officer, the U.S.S. Henry Hudson has its flagship newsletter!

Hyperchannel (do you know why that name is important?), Vol. I, Iss. 1, was released on Saturday at our monthly meeting. The full-color report featured many stories written by our crew, the SFC community at large, and included an in memoriam for Leonard Nemoy.

Read your copy today, and don’t forget to save it; as a collector, first issues are always worth the most!

Find inside:

Tributes to the late Leonard Nimoy

A review of Star Trek: Attack Wing’s game mechanics

When do we meet?

What local media have we already appeared in?

Click to download the newsletter.