‘Trek Tour’ Launches Bold New Venture: Star Trek Film Academy

Star Trek Set Tours Transporter Set in Ticonderoga, NY

‘Star Trek Original Series Set Tour’ creator James Cawley has announced that starting next spring, the ‘Enterprise’ will host the officially licensed ‘Star Trek Film Academy,’ which will offer guests a week-long immersive course on the making of a “Star Trek” episode.

Speaking at the 17th annual Las Vegas Trek Con, Cawley said, “You are going to be able to come to our sets and it will be an academy experience.  You are going to be able to learn how to make a Star Trek episode.

You are going to go from script to stage over a six to seven day period and you are going to work with people who actually made Star Trek episodes.  You get to feel and experience what it is like to work on Star Trek…We’re going to pretend it’s 1966 and you’re an employee of Desilu Studios.” ‘Film Academy’ will essentially be a week-long film school, offered twice a year (ie, spring and fall) and conducted by “Trek” veterans.  It is NOT an excuse to create more fan films!  Guests will be handed a pre-written script (by “Trek” writers) of about 15 minutes in length, and that is the film that they will learn and work to create.  At the end of your Academy week, you’ll be able to take home your very own “Star Trek” vignette.  No details yet on a specific launch date or pricing for the Academy. Also on hand for the announcement were Michael and Denise Okuda, Doug Drexler, and Daren Dochterman, all of whom will be part of the Academy.  Cawley also noted that they are reaching out to other ‘Star Trek’ professionals, including asking Jonathan Frakes to direct!

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