Trimbles Visit “Trek” Set Tour

By Lt. Steve Robinson

John & Bjo Trimble on the Bridge set.

“It’s like going back in time to 1966!” That’s how John Trimble described his experience at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour this past Saturday. John and wife, Bjo, are two of “Star Trek”‘s original ‘uber-fans.’ They were both able to visit the actual Desilu sets over fifty years ago, compiled the ‘Star Trek Concordance’ reference book, and they both spearheaded the ‘Save Star Trek’ mail campaign which helped gain “Star Trek” its third (and Final) season.

Bjo & John Trimble on the Transporter set.

Of that effort, John said that there was little sense of letdown, as “we had done what we’d set out to do.” However, their impressions upon meeting the new showrunners, producer Fred Freiberger and story editor Arthur Singer, only left them with a feeling of doom. But the mood was light while the Trimbles and their family toured the Ticonderoga sets and conducted a pair of tours themselves, recounting several humorous stories. such as how the cast and crew would always try to break through Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Vulcan veneer’ through such means as putting risqué pictures in his Bridge scanner for him to see – and it often succeeded! Sadly, the ‘Trimble Family Tour’ had to leave early, but we certainly thank them for their visit, and we hope they’ll return someday.