Welcome New Members Matt and Ashley

Meet our two new members, Matt and Ashley. They joined at Hudson Valley ComicCon and donated a prize too!

Matt: I work as a delivery driver in Poughkeepsie, and I got introduced to Star Trek by accident when I was flipping through the channels one day and stumbled onto an episode of TNG. It was Times Arrow Part 1, and I was hooked instantly. My favorite part about Star Trek is definitely the characters, and how they’re all so memorable and have such well developed personalities. My favorite series is TNG, but Deep Space Nine is a close second.

Ashley: I work at Hawthorne Threads which is a small family owned fabric shop. I am currently an administrative assistant and help with the newsletter. Matt was the one that introduced me to Trek. The first time we met, I asked him what his hobbies were and he said “watching Star Trek”. On our third date we watched an episode of TNG. After that I was hooked. Some of my favorite things about star trek are the endless worlds and the life that inhabits them. I also like that most episodes have a deeper meaning. It is hard to choose a favorite series, as each one has things I really like about it.