Science Department

From the AFEDs: The Chief Science Officer manages the Science Department. The staff of the Science Department provides non-medical scientific education, training, and/or awareness events/activities. Space and space exploration should be of top consideration when planning event/activities.

USS Henry Hudson Science Department Mission Statement

As Science Officers, we are concerned with all of the scientific, technical and technological aspects behind "Star Trek."  We study the various science fiction concepts as seen on each of the various TV series and films, and we learn about how they were often developed from real-life space exploration.  Toward this end, we are the 'keepers' of our various cosplay props and such, as well as our models of the various 'Ships of the Line.'  We also take an avid interest in 20th/21st century space exploration, and we will at times educate our fellow members on current developments.

CMDR Steve R.
Chief Medical Officer

USS Henry Hudson NCC 1611
Stardate 1801.19