First Officer

From the AFEDs: Primary assistant to the Commanding Officer, supervises senior staff, and fulfills the duties of the Commanding Officer should he becomes incapacitated, is relieved, or resigns. While Starfleet Command uses the title of First Officer, Executive Officer is sometimes used in the Star Trek universe to identify the same position.

USS Henry Hudson Mission Statement

We enjoy Star Trek fandom, and we give back to our community through:

  • monthly meetings

  • charity work

  • knowledge of the Hudson River

  • attending science fiction conventions

  • playing Star Trek Attack Wing

  • adhering to the Articles of Federation as part of the non-profit Starfleet Command

  • respecting each other and honoring the principle of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (tolerance)

Slogan: Raising the Hudson Valley to New Heights!

CMDR Timothy Scott

First Officer

USS Henry Hudson NCC 1611
Stardate 1803.31