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Tribute to Steven R. Robinson

Sad News – CMDR Steven Robinson dies at 67

By CAPT Lee Starshine

Note: This article is based entirely on Steve's style of writing. He wrote dozens of obituaries of Star Trek and science-related celebrities for the USS Henry Hudson Newsletter, Hyperchannel, and the USS Henry Hudson Members-Only Facebook Group.

Steven R Robinson
Steven R Robinson

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sad and solemn duty to announce the passing of a legendary Star Trek fan — a graduate of Arts and Science at SUNY Oswego who truly embodied the “Star Trek” spirit of “boldly go where no man has gone before.” This man lived and breathed Star Trek!

Steve Robinson, the curator of a massive and nearly-complete Star Trek collection, died on October 5, 2022 at the age of 67.

The Chief Science Officer on the USS Henry Hudson, Steve was among the first 20 members of this Star Trek club. He joined on March 14, 2015 with the rank of Recruit, when the club was meeting at the original Dragon's Den in the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall. Steve remained in the Science Department during his entire tenure in the club. On April 2, 2017, Steve earned the rank of Lieutenant and the position "Chief Science Officer," reporting to the club's Vice President. Steve took his position to heart and often reported on scientific and astronomical current events at club meetings and on the Facebook group. He enjoyed "Show and Tell" AKA the Technical Briefing, demonstrating the latest Trek books, model ships, and paraphernalia.

Steve had the best attendance in the club. At our annual awards ceremony, Steve received awards for attending the most events, including game nights, viewing parties, and club meetings. He was also awarded the most dedicated volunteer at our tables and booths. Steve generously displayed parts of his Star Trek collection at public tables and booths for the club. His 3' long USS Enterprise models with lights and sound attracted significant attention and admiration from passers-by. At our first Holiday Party in 2015, Steve unboxed and hung every Hallmark Star Trek ornament. And installed the batteries!

Steve generously brought food to every potluck at Shipwide Assemblies and most Game Nights. He was known for his staples: The cheese, crackers and pepperoni trays, and the Little Debbie's cakes.

The Star Trek Set Tour in Ticonderoga welcomed Steve as a regular volunteer. He provided assistance at their events and did whatever was asked of him. William Shatner was a regular guest, and Steve appeared in several photos with the original "Captain Kirk."

Steve had a deep, booming voice during presentations. He loved educating club members and spreading the news about upcoming events in Ticonderoga. Steve always spoke kindly of others and never said anything mean about anyone. He was highly intelligent with an advanced vocabulary. His deep knowledge of all things Trek made for entertaining discussions at club events and a Star Trek panel at the first Hudson Valley Comic Con. Steve came to most Away Missions. He was quiet. He was introspective. He was dedicated to supporting his family -- his mother Anny Robinson and his sister, Leslie, at their home in Beacon.

After 21 years working with microchips at IBM/Global Foundries in East Fishkill, Steve retired in March. His sudden passing in his sleep was unexpected. A shock to everyone. Steve's quiet presence will be sorely missed.

Now, Steve Robinson is among his beloved stars. No doubt they welcome him with open arms. “Godspeed, Steve Robinson!”

Steven R Robinson on the Star Trek Set Tour in Ticonderoga NY

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